Our Advantages

Working with us combines the flexibility, expertise and "personal touch" of an independent asset management boutique with the reliability and security of a well-established depositary bank.

   Alignment of Interest:  Diamond Capital manages principals' capital alongside our clients, using similar investment guidelines.


   Relationship Continuity: Relationships are at the heart of what we do, and are based on trust, integrity and dedication. We are deeply committed to building and sustaining long-term partnerships with our clients. Many of our relationships are second and third generation clients.


   Wealth of Experience:  We have more than 50 years of proven track record and tremendous experience covering all aspects of international investments in global financial markets.

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   Lower Brokerage Fees: Our clients benefit from competitive pricing on custody and brokerage fees, as we constantly negotiate with our network of depository banks in order to achieve the best performance.


   Personalized Services: As a boutique financial services provider, we work with you to develop a thorough understanding of your investment goals and provide you with the customized services that fit your needs.


   Security & Flexibility: We offer our clients a broad range of top quality custodian banks from which to choose. Such flexibility allows our clients to benefit from the the best available locations, services and cost structures.


   Global Presence: Our international presence in Singapore, Geneva and Israel allows us to offer clients a combination of global experience, reach & expertise. This helps us provide superior service and locate the best opportunities.


   Discretion: One of our main beliefs is that wealthy people should maintain a low profile. As a financial institution Diamond Capital Singapore is subject and adheres to all Singaporean professional secrecy laws; and Diamond Capital Switzerland is subject and adheres to all Swiss professional secrecy laws.


   Independence: Our management decisions are based upon an independent appraisal of each investment opportunity. Since we are only involved in asset management, our sole objective is to provide a tailored approach, enabling us to manage our clients' assets wisely, thereby delivering the best possible risk-adjusted returns.