Investment Philosophy

Diamond Capital has consistently followed a conservative investment approach, which has allowed us to protect and grow our client's wealth under diverse market conditions. Understanding and managing downside risk is essential to our assessment of investment opportunities. A thorough analysis of risk factors is performed on a portfolio and individual investment level. We use a rigorous due diligence and evaluation process for each investment opportunity.

  Understanding our Clients' Needs and Goals:

  Investment strategy:  We tailor a customized portfolio that suits our clients' individual needs and goals, such as risk appetite, return expectation, liquidity needs and investment horizon.

  Long-term financial planning: The investment strategy and portfolio is based on a complete long- term view of our clients' assets, goals and future financial needs.

 Short-term financial goals: We make the necessary adjustments to align our clients' portfolio performance with their changing short-term needs and the changing macro environment.

Business meeting

 Principal Investing: Diamond Capital manages principal capital side by side with investor capital. All investments are analyzed from an investing principal's point of view. We think this is an important part of our investment philosophy which helps to ensure that incentives are aligned.


  Investment Approach: As a boutique investment firm, we provide close personal attention to each client. With over 50 years of experience in preserving and building investors' capital, while maintaining a high proportion of portfolio managers to investors, our belief is that investment results are maximized by a long-term investment horizon.